Wedding reportages

I am a wedding photojournalist because I think it’s the best way to tell a special day.

Every wedding reportage to me must be a kind of treasure chest of moments and emotions to preserve and relive every time you see the album. I love the spontaneity and I rely on my experience and intuition to ensure that every service respects the individuality and the uniqueness of each couple. Only in this way I think I can capture with elegance that energy that gives human and emotional vigor to the photographs.

The wedding day is always a very complex event. Also from the point of view of the photographer who has the responsibility of documenting every aspect of it. First of all you spouses, in what is perhaps the most important day of your life, the clothes and accessories you have chosen, the church or the place of the ceremony, the location, and especially the people, your parents, relatives, friends and all persons invited to celebrate your wedding. In short, a day full of moments, emotions and details which should be documented with the utmost aesthetic refinement and attention to details.

The best photographer, in my opinion, is therefore the one who is able, through his sensibility and ability, to capture every aspect in the right way and at the right time, unique and different for each celebration.

But it is not so much what to shoot that makes an excellent wedding service, more than anything else is how, because the essential is invisible to the eyes, said the Little Prince. It will be fundamental for me to know each other, because my method is to relate to you so that, on the day of your marriage, you feel free both to enjoy the day in the most spontaneous way possible, and to stay relaxed when we will be face to face. In the same way my point of view will not be that of an external and distant observer but of one who lives your story from the inside.

And if you want to make the album I will create the most beautiful story by images you can imagine, your story. Lively and dynamic, ready to be browsed to make you relive the most beautiful day every time you want.



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