Weddings | Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about my marriage services. If you still have doubts or want to talk more about your marriage, do not hesitate to contact me!

We’re not used to posing, will you tell us how?

In the reportage style that I use for most of the day I don’t love that you pose. On the contrary, I prefer that you enjoy your day as naturally as possible. It will be my task to better capture every aspect of your marriage without substantially interfering with your celebration and seeking the emotions and elegance of that day in the spontaneity of your gestures. In the moments when we will take the most cutlery photos, with you or with your guests, I will take care to give you simple indications so that you stay at ease and that the images will be beautiful and alive.

Where do you work?

Normally I am between Turin and Alesandria, in Piedmont between the hills of Monferrato and Langhe but it is now standard practice to provide services in other Italian or foreign places.
I include in the price a transfer of 150 km total. Beyond this distance will be calculated a cost per kilometer or agreed a travel budget.

How long will you stay with us at the wedding?

The time necessary to tell your whole day, from the preparation to the end of the party. Normally I consider 12 hours sufficient time to tell the full story of most marriages. Beyond this limit I ask for a supplement.

How many clicks do you do? Is there a maximum number?

Quelli che servono, fondamentalmente non ho un limite. Ritengo che il mio lavoro sia quello di creare le migliori immagini possibili di ogni momento del vostro matrimonio piuttosto che darvi un certo numero di foto. Alla fine vi verranno comunque consegnate circa 500 foto, numero più che esaustivo per avere una panoramica completa.

Do you work alone or with other photographers?

Normally I work alone, with the experience I have learned how to optimize the phases of marriage so that I always find myself in the right place at the right time. In case you wish to broaden your vision of your big day or in the case of particularly large and complex marriages it is possible to evaluate together the presence of one or more assistants.

Do you also make videos?

I don’t make videos. For a sense of responsibility if you want a video of your wedding I prefer you deal directly with a professional operator. I can put you in touch with experienced professionals with great experience.

We have an uncle who would like to take some pictures or make a video, is that a problem?

Of course not. However, he could appear in my pictures, if this could be a problem for you tell him to pay attention.

We don’t live near you, how can we get acquainted?

My studio is in Turin, northern Italy, but if you’re far away, we can have a Skype chat. It’s important for me to get to know each other and clarify all the details.

And what happens after the wedding day?

Shortly after the wedding I will provide you with a selection of my favorite images in preview. As soon as all pictures are ready, we will look at them and I'll prepare a private gallery that you can see online and share with friends and family. We will then talk about the album and how I will prepare your story, based on your preferences.

We’re not sure we want the album, what do you recommend?

I think it is essential that you have something printed, that you can physically hold in your hands and store without losing it in the meanders of some hard disk. This is an investment that you will be proud for your whole life and that you'll show to your children. I will explain all the solutions that I can offer in order to choose the one you prefer or, alternatively, whether to print on your own. 


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