Newborn Photographer

Being a newborn photographer is an experience which is unique and very touching.

The birth of a baby is a wonderful and traumatic event.

When I do a newborn photo shooting I do it to celebrate that new life so small and powerful that it is about to begin its journey.

Its perfect little body, the first expressions and hugs among you.

The period in which it is possible to carry out a newborn photo shoot is very short, within the first ten or fifteen days of life, in which he still maintains the attitudes he had inside the belly. He tends to sleep a lot and to keep the "bean" position typical of the fetus. Beyond this period he will begin to grow, to develop his body, his expressions and his attitudes.

The photo session for babies lasts about three or four hours. It can be done in my studio or in your home. We will take it easy to create an optimal and comfortable environment, follow his times and to handle him with care and total safety.

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