Hi, my name is Alain Battiloro and I am a professional photographer specialized in wedding and family reportage.

Photography will be one of the few elements of your great day that will last forever. It’s one of the most important investments in your marriage. Choosing the right photographer, which makes you feel you made the choice that makes your heart beat faster, is the first step to ensuring that your wedding memory is in good hands.

First of all, photojournalism is about telling a story.

A story that in the case of marriage must tell the day, you, your guests, where you were and what you did. But it is not just a matter of images, it is rather a matter of life, love and soul.

Because the part that makes the difference is not visible to the eye. t is your style, your emotional ties, your essence.

My method is not to simply shoot what happens during a wedding but that of relation: to know each other so that you can freely live your great day remaining spontaneous and authentic.

In this way any wedding reportage I shoot is different from others, because it is you who are.

I will thus deliver you a chest of precious memories that you'll save forever. A witness for you and your future generations.

Qui sotto c’è una piccola storia con immagini di matrimoni che mi rappresentano.
Guardatela possibilmente a tutto schermo e con l’audio attivato.


It’s my care to get to know you before the wedding day. To understand who you are, what your desires are and also your concerns.
So I will be able to advise you in the choices and hypothesize a service that has the style that most belongs to you. And especially on the wedding day I will have so clear the attitude to take to relate to you. Making you feel spontaneous and relaxed in front of the camera, grasping every aspect in the most natural way, and photographing events from a privileged point of view, inside the wedding.
I will then put all my sensitivity and experience for this to happen, through wonderful and exciting shots.


I will photograph every aspect and moment of your wedding.
Starting with your preparation, which is a very intimate moment, right up to the party dances.
In this way, together with you, I will be able to select the right images, each one showing something different and creating a complete, dynamic and alive story. And most of all yours, where you can recognize yourself.
In a way that when you'll browse the album you will want to turn the page and find out what happens next.
Never getting tired leaf it through again and again.


Each story begins with a meeting. A casual chat that will be an important moment to get to know each other. This is a phase to which I give great importance because it allows me to understand how you are special and different from all the others.

But above all because on the day of marriage I will not be a stranger for you to interact with difficulty and I will already know how to best portray you and your guests.

Potrà avvenire con una videochiamata o potremo metterci d’accordo per un incontro di persona.

It will last an hour or two and it will be a time when we can imagine the right service for you, in which I will explain in detail my services, my way of operating and I will begin to get a clear idea of how to build a story that reflects you. Shall we begin? To prepare for the meeting I would need to ask you some questions, to get an idea of you and the wedding that you are planning and be already prepared at the time of our chat. Ready?

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