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I tell about people

I have always been a photographer. At first, I studied architecture, my obsession was to make perfect photographs. My problem was always the people who "soiled" the places, squares and buildings that I photographed during my travels or my exits.

But then something changed. A bit like in "Ciàula discovers the Moon", the story of Pirandello in which the boy who is a miner once remains ecstatic by the beauty of the Moon despite having always had before his eyes but never really looked, I fell in love with people.

I studied photojournalism and learned to tell the beauty of reality and people even in their imperfections, which is an essential part of theunicity and the soul o everything.

Over the years I specialized in wedding and family reportage and in creating images that define the identity of a brand. Basically, reportage photography consists in telling an event, a situation, a story. It is an approach that is more alive and personal, more human.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the pathers of photojournalism once said that photography is putting one head, one eye and one heart on the same axis. I have always tried to make this sentence my own because if you manage to converge in a single photo, in addition to what you see the energy of a moment, the intensity of an emotion, the perception of an atmosphere, well, big deal!

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