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meravìglia, wonder noun [lat. mīrabĭlia, propr. «wonderful things»].  Living and sudden feeling of admiration, of surprise, which is felt in seeing, hearing, knowing what is or appears new, extraordinary, strange or however unexpected.

Life flows and fills with moments. Maybe we don't realise but time is a very important factor in our lives. Sometimes it seems to stand still, others it seems so fast.

We too are constantly becoming, in our appearance and soul. We were yesterday, we are today and we will be tomorrow.

I find it difficult to remember small details of my life but when they are connected to an emotion I find it much easier to bring them back to the surface. This is why I always try to insert wonder and emotions into my photographs.

I follow people and capture the moments of their lives, major or not, and deliver them memories that they could cherish forever, to witness their histories and roots.

I don’t like to take photos in series, too set or depersonalized. I love instead to take the pictures that still don't exist, those that portrait theunicity of everyone, of a moment, or situation. I love to get inspired by their personality, by the energy of the place and by the light.

Wedding photographer

I’m a photographer specialized in weddings and family portraits. I’m based in Turin and Alessandria but I do photo shoots all over Italy and abroad.

Lo stile di base che utilizzo nei servizi di matrimonio è il reportage ma un reportage puro nel matrimonio risulta molto limitante. Quello che per me è soprattutto importante è la relazione: conoscervi e creare con voi una relazione che vi permetta di essere veramente spontanei, naturali e autentici. Questa è la base per creare delle fotografie capaci di emozionare e farvi conservare un ricordo indelebile.

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Every marriage is a universe itself. Definitely made of elements that can be seen as places, people and details, for example. Each of them however also has a component that is felt. As someone wrote the essential is invisible to the eyes.

My commitment is to understand who you are and what is the best way to portray just you, so that you can recognize yourselves in the photographs. Your style, your emotions, your feelings.

On the day of the wedding I will take care, depending on the situation, to let you live in a free and natural way the events or guide you so that you feel spontaneous when we will interact more directly.

It will therefore be my task to photograph you, your guests and every detail of the wedding by mixing everything in sought after, exciting and alive images, capable of transmitting the energy of the moments you have experienced.


Every reportage can't be so called if it doesn't tell a story.

It is not enough to put together some beautiful images to create a story, but there are very precise rules. First of all it must say something. Indeed, it is necessary that every single photo tells something in particular, that the others don't, otherwise what a bore!

It is a meticulous work. You have to select each image and give it the right placement in the sequence of the album so that, once the whole story is composed, you can remain fascinated every time you turn the page.

But when the work is done WOW! The our wedding story becomes the most important and fascinating document that you can have in memory of the day when you decided to get married and start a new phase of your life. It will be able, through the images and emotions it transmits, to recall those moments in decades and generations that will succeed.

Each story comes from a meeting, live or through a video call, in which we know each other and start writing on a blank sheet.

Would ou like to start writing yours?


Besides weddings it is important to keep the most important images of your life.

Starting with pregnancy and newborn sessions, it is possible, as time takes its course, to take your special moments with exciting photographs documenting the pregnancy, the arrival of a child, the growth of the family. I perform my portrait shoots outdoors or at home, with a reportage style or posing depending on the situation or your wishes.

 There is always a good reason to photograph yourself with those you love. If you are not yet married you can book an engagement session. Even animals can be family. Because the only thing that matters is love!

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