Children and childhood photographer

You would like to realize a photo book with your children?

I guess you’ve been taking tons of pictures to them since they were born. But many parents confess to me that their shots don’t return that something special of the moment you took them.

From the time children come into the world they constantly grow and transform, it is very important to be able to freeze the memory of the many stages of their life, of their daily and authentic moments. Also to give them pictures that they can see again when they will be grown up and show their children.

You're in the right place. To rely on a professional photographer for a children photo shooting will allow you not only to have artistic images but also to capture that something intimate, that baggage of expressions, of spontaneous gestures, of emotions that characterizes them and make unique.

It is very fun and engaging for me to portray the children, the trick is to put oneself on their own level, involving them without haste and waiting for them to be interested and willing to play with me. In this way they will be free to express their personality in complete instinctivity and naturalness.

You can choose between a short and a long portrait photo session. The first usually lasts a couple of hours. The second, more photojournalistic, a half day. Both can be made at home or outdoors, in any case in a place you love and where you are at ease.

Don’t be afraid that when you try, your son or daughter will never stand still or want to be photographed. We will take our time, possibly taking breaks if necessary. Initially there will be a time to get to know each other and acquaint. When we'll be on the same wavelength and the ice is broken, then he won’t stop!

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