In an age where images are wasted and can be made on their own, what is the use of hiring a photographer?

It's no longer just a question of technical execution, as it must always be impeccable, as being able to think and make images that contribute to bring out the quid that allows you to differentiate you or your business among the others.

That tell who you are, what you do, but above all how you are and how you do it.

I think every commissioned photo must have a purpose.
Being an architect I approach every job as if it were a project.
I need to know you, to understand your characteristics and needs so to formulate a photographic project that suits you like a tailored dress
and pursue an objective.


Photography in support of your brand is a fundamental tool to communicate to the world that you exist and that you are unique.
Whether you need to update your website, develop your presence on social media, or show your products catalogue, the power of an image will always be an irreplaceable tool.

We know each other first-hand.
I need to know you, what you love about your job and what are the keywords that characterize it.

Poi, dopo aver riordinato le idee, ti proporrò un progetto visivo che sia in grado di raccontare la tua attività, i tuoi valori, la tua storia e la tua unicità.
It can be made of portraits, still life, your headquarters, the workings and everything that can be useful to tell you.

idea lampadina verticale alain battiloro fotografo 1920


A corporate event, a show, a competition, any event you organize is an important moment for your brand.
It’s an opportunity to show what you’re doing and to document it, as well as documenting the work that’s been done for its organization, it’s critical.
I’m a reporter, and imagery is my job. I will follow your event knowing how to capture all aspects and delivering professional images with high communicative power.


Maybe you need to show your team on the website, maybe you’re an actor working with your own image.
Maybe you’re a successful professional and you have the opportunity to publish an interview in a magazine.
Or you just decided to put your face in what you do. Great idea!
A portrait for me is meant to communicate who you are, inside and out.
We will agree together how best to realize it, whether it is "simple" or environmental.


Do you need to show your products?
The needs can be many. The creation of a catalogue, the launch of a new product to be inserted on the site or on a publication, the creation of descriptive or emotional photographs.
And if you feel unconventional we can indulge with creativity!
Let’s talk about it so that I can understand your needs and formulate a service for your purpose.

stillife alainbattilorofotografo


A location, an apartment, a hotel, a b&b, an office, a shop or a restaurant are just a few examples of places where we live and work.
Being able to show them in a way they appear clean and inviting in the eyes of your customers is essential in your communication, if this is part of your business.
My job is to make them so, both in the preparation of the scene and in the realization of the final images.


A virtual tour allows you to create an interactive tour through 360-degree images, accessible by anyone, anywhere, 24 hours a day.
There are many uses. A museum itinerary, a shop, a hotel, a restaurant, are just a few examples.
It can be made to increase your visibility on Google maps, to create engaging experiences in which to provide information and content about what you do or to allow to book that precise table for an important occasion, in example.
We will study together the most effective way to create the tour of your business and publish it online.

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